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It's George Orwell's World, We Just Live In It

And that's true whether you're living in America, where Doug Powers spots "The Latest Excuse to Oppose Construction of a Wal-Mart:"

Four Wal-Mart stores are being planned in Washington, DC, and among the concerns will be the necessary store security. One Advisory Neighborhood Commission member is using that as a reason to oppose the construction of one of the stores, because… well, you’ll have to read it yourself:

Brenda Speaks, a Ward 4 ANC commissioner, actually urged blocking construction of the planned store in her ward at Georgia and Missouri avenues NW partly because of that risk. Addressing a small, anti-Wal-Mart rally at City Hall on Monday, Speaks said young people would get criminal records when they couldn’t resist the temptation to steal.

...Or England: "Shed owners warned wire on windows could hurt burglars."

As John Hinderaker wrote at Power Line last week, "French President Nicolas Sarkozy [has] joined Germany's Angela Merkel and Britain's David Cameron in pronouncing multiculturalism a failure."

But as those two headlines indicate, political correctness is still virulently alive. How much longer will its lifespan be?

In the meantime, the answer to 1984, is 1776: