Ed Driscoll

'America, Poised for a Hyperinflationary Event?'

At Forbes, Michael Pollaro writes:

Hyperinflation?  It’s possible, but we’re not so sure the power trust will take things that far, if only to save themselves.  But if foreign creditors exit, a whole heap of monetary inflation is virtually assured.And what about those foreign creditors and the likelihood that they take their leave?  For several reasons, reasons which more and more appear to be coming to a head, we think they just might.  Not today, not tomorrow, but we think it’s coming.  Indeed, the recent moderation in foreign appetite for U.S. government debt these past two years juxtaposed against the surge in Federal Reserve monetization activities suggests it may already being starting.

What could go wrong?

Oh, right.

But while we needn’t start printing million-dollar bills to buy milk and toilet paper just yet, this headline has an oddly Weimar-era ring to it: “U.S. Government May Sell 100-Year Bonds In Hope That Buyers Will Be Dead Before Full Payments Are Due.”

Hey, nobody thought enough people would ever live long enough to reach age 65 to make a run on Social Security, either.