Ed Driscoll

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy of Epic Cuteness

Fun outakes from the best commercial of the Super Bowl, Volkswagen’s “Use the Force” ad:

[youtube tM3s37fZZts]

Meanwhile, James Lileks has the scoop on the little man in the big black suit:

Child actor Max Page really has The Force. “He’s an inspiration,” his mom Jennifer said during a Today Show interview Monday morning. Her son, better known as the boy who starred as Darth Vader in the Super Bowl Volkswagen commercial, was born with a congenital heart defect.”He had his first operation when he was 3-months old and now has a pacemaker.” But Max, who has never actually watched any of the Star Wars movies, isn’t letting his condition damper his spirit – or his career. “I’m okay,” said the 6-year-old, who has done other commercials including one for Walgreens, and has appeared on the soap opera The Young and the Restless.

Also, this clip, focusing on the making of Volkswagen’s “Black Beetle” advertisement is an interesting look at combining a huge diorama with 3d digital animation:

[youtube CVQSPXPIHGw]

And yes, I know I know I’m giving VW a free plug here — but on the plus side, both ads are 100 percent Eminem free.

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