Ed Driscoll

The Modern World and its Enemies

No doubt, Jamie Glazov of Front Page magazine got plenty of grief from the left over his book United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror. But as Mackubin Thomas Owens wrote in September of 2002, “9/11 revealed an emerging geopolitical reality: that the world’s most important fault line is not between the rich and the poor, but between those who accept modernity and those who reject it.”


And it’s funny how those who reject modernity, whether in the West or the Middle East wind up increasingly making themselves look surprisingly similar these days. First this (apologies for the unrelated ad the person uploading it to YouTube stuck onto the beginning and end):

[youtube RG2wfYaFUUU]

Then this:

[youtube JfnddMpzPsM]

And now this: “Food campaigners face fury over sick spoof of Al Qaeda video in which Ronald McDonald is ‘held hostage:'”

[youtube uV4esF2YEHY]

We’ll know the forces railing against modernity have come full circle when Osama bin Laden starts sounding like Al Gore.

Oh wait.

Update: Somehow, this seems curiously related.

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