Ed Driscoll

Great Moments in Drudgetapositions

Early Saturday morning, the following articles were atop the center column on the Drudge Report:

And of course, Mayor Mike’s office doesn’t skimp when it comes to lower-rent food as well:

At the sixth-floor pantry in its glossy Upper East Side headquarters, employees can pick from a health-conscious menu of celery sticks, bananas, freshly made peanut butter and 100-calorie snack packs.

There is also free Coke, Pepsi, orange Fanta, ginger ale and Mountain Dew — exactly the types of drinks Mr. Bloomberg this week said he wanted to prohibit poor New Yorkers from buying with their food stamps.

“We have all the junk in the world up there,” a Bloomberg employee, who declined to be named for fear of upsetting the company, said during an interview outside the offices at 731 Lexington Avenue. “I mean, you can gain 15 pounds in a hurry.”

If you can get past the snow to get in there, of course.

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