Ed Driscoll

And Speaking of 'Replacing God'

The bourgeois are attempting to shock themselves once again:

Religion is at center stage of a new play from Madison’s Mercury Players Theatre that is stirring up controversy over its political tone.

“The Last Supper” is provoking more than just strong reviews. The director is getting hate mail.

“I did hear that we were compared to Nazis at one point,” said director Doug Holtz.The “Mercury Players Theatre production is about liberal college students who invite some incredibly conservative guests to dinner and then kill them.

“We did contact the police, and they felt that due to the nature of some of the e-mails and responses, that they were so intense that maybe some security would be advised,” said Holtz.

Some critics of the production said that the play’s political violence may come too soon after the horror of the recent shootings in Tuscon.

I missed it — how long exactly did the interregnum last?

(As I’ve written before, It says much about the state of leftwing culture in America and its exhaustion after a century of trying shock the bourgeois — only to wake up and find that it’s become the bourgeois.)