Ed Driscoll

Questions Nobody is Asking

“Is America Ready for Chang the Blackface Elf?”

Tomorrow night’s Community [on NBC] is another high-concept episode, this one taking on Dungeons & Dragons. Sounds very promising and everything, but this quick image from the promos is really something else. Chang the blackface elf! Holy s***, guys. This might surpass Mac’s Riggs from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as best use of blackface in a sitcom from the past year (sorry, Roger Sterling, Mad Man is a drama). But hey, why make it a competition? They’re all amazing uses of blackface.

How amazing can it be, when for the past decade* progressives, known for their hyper-sensitivity towards racial issues and civil discourse (just ask them), have put everyone in blackface?

* Or two, if you want to include Ted Danson.