Ed Driscoll

The Two-Minute Hate

“Stephen Colbert Drops His Own ‘Two Minutes of Hate’ on Palin,” John Nolte writes at Big Hollywood, along with video:

This is how it works. First, the media and people like Jon Stewart demand that we on the Right disarm by laying down our right to free speech within their New Rules. But as you can see in the video above, the left has no intention of doing the same. So as they beat us up for using terms like “job killing,” guys like Colbert whip out the old ad hominem – the very same kind of language Jon Stewart supposedly crafted an entire anti-Glenn Beck rally around because it wounds him so.

And please stop being “amazed” by the Left’s double standard. It’s not a double standard, it’s a political tactic. The whole idea is to catch us off guard with their breathtaking indecency and hypocrisy because when we’re caught off guard, we can’t fight back. The media’s and the Left’s behavior this past week will feel like the good old days come 2012. This is all pre-season. The media’s merely warming up, testing our defenses, taking note of our strengths and weaknesses, all in preparation for the big game.

If you’re amazed now, just wait a year. But if you’re amazed you’re also not fighting. Join Twitter and Facebook instead. Those are two tools these people can’t control, a conversation between friends that actually can get the shoes of the truth out there before the lies spread around the world.


The Orwellian aspects of this, as alluded to in John’s title, were explored extensively by Richard Fernandez the other day after CNN’s weird crosshairs kerfuffle; don’t miss his take on the latest salvo in the left’s war on free speech.

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