Ed Driscoll

'General Motors Accidently Tells the Truth'

At Big Government, Tim Slagle writes looks at the latest commercial from corporatist Government Motors and does not like what he sees — but is quick to add, “You can’t really blame General Motors:”

When you have an extra 19 billion to play with, why not plant windmills and trees? It seems like the corporate suites, are working on a bigger Buzz than the one they hired to do the voice-over. A more rational voice might ask about the forest that had to be cut down to print all that money.The biggest problem is that America is broke. We don’t have enough cash to pay for daily operations, much less for the Chevrolet National Park. So who’s going to pay for it all? General Motors gives us a clue at about 45 seconds into the ad:

“Because a true conservationist knows that the world is not given to us by our fathers and mothers, it is borrowed from our children.”

A strange world indeed, where car salesmen tell the truth.

[youtube mA6VWb9duvU]

Or to put it another way:

Oh and speaking of Obama and automobiles, at the Corner, Rory Cooper writes, “Obama Will Go It Alone on Raising Gas Prices.”

Why, that’s just conspiratorial nonsense! Especially when we know the president can always count on the support of the legacy media to help him in his quest for higher energy prices.

Related: “New Study Shows Electric Cars Will be Uneconomical in California.” But then, what isn’t in the increasingly ironically named Golden State?

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