How Does the MSM's Palin Recursion Mechanism Impact Global Warming?

On Tuesday,  MSNBC actually ran the following Chyron graphic during Chris Matthews’ show:

Yesterday, Sarah Palin responded, but because she used a phrase commonly used in today’s political vocabulary to defend herself, the MSM blew a gasket.


Whoops, let me shorten that. Because Palin merely defended herself, the MSM blew a gasket. Or as Newbusters neatly put it, “Olbermann Bashes Timing of Palin’s Tucson Remarks Day After Attacking Her Silence on Shootings.” How dare Palin insert herself into the story after we here at MSNBC and the rest of the MSM entirely arbitrarily inserted her into the story!

On Twitter yesterday, John Hayward of Human Events magazine made a great observation about the media’s meltdown:

People who casually equate criticism of global warming with Holocaust denial are telling us we can’t say “blood libel.”

Andrea Mitchell certainly fits the bill. Here’s Mitchell in 2009:

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday used the very loaded term of “denier” to deride global warming skeptics. Talking to liberal host Rachel Maddow, she referenced Sarah Palin’s opposition to the Copenhagen climate conference and chided, “Her Facebook entry says, you know, ‘Mr. President, boycott Copenhagen.’ How do you rationalize the deniers and the impact that they are having?

Here’s Mitchell yesterday, describing Palin as “ignorant” for using the term “blood libel:”


“Perhaps she didn’t know of the context of that phrase,” NBC correspondent and MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell said.

“Maybe she was ignorant of it, to give her the benefit of the doubt,” Mitchell added.

Indeed, maybe Mitchell was ignorant of its frequent usage in recent years, to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Oh, and speaking of blood libel:


Related: “Person Tweeting Death Wish For Palin Now Wants Privacy.”

Good luck trying to put the arsenic back into the tube.

Related: At the Tatler, Steve Green writes:

Scientists discover time interval shorter than Planck Time — the “Median Blame Time,” or “the time between a tragic event and the media blaming that event on Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, or the Tea Party.”

I blame Dr. Haslein.


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