Ed Driscoll

Loughner is ‘Anti-ZOG,’ Truther; Likely Schizophrenic

As Yael of the BokerTov blog notes, “Yep, two and two IS four.  I could feel it in my Zionist kishkehs:”

(JTA) — A U.S. Department of Homeland Security memo reportedly notes that Gabriel Giffords is Jewish in describing the motives of the Arizona congresswoman’s alleged assailant. The memo, obtained by Fox News Channel, says that Jared Lee Loughner mentioned American Renaissance, an extremist anti-immigrant group, in some of his own postings.

“The group’s ideology is anti-government, anti-immigration, anti-ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government), anti-Semitic,” says the memo sent to law enforcement, which also notes that Giffords, a Democrat, was the first Jewish congresswoman from Arizona.

This shouldn’t be all that surprising. In 2009, hate crimes were down in general in America, but UP against Jews. In fact, nearly three-quarters of all religiously-based hate crimes were against Jews or Jewish institutions. Why just this past New Year’s Eve, there was a bomb threat against a synagogue on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Naturally, he’s also a Truther:

The friends’ comments paint a picture bolstered by other former classmates and Loughner’s own Internet postings: that of a social outcast with nihilistic, almost indecipherable beliefs steeped in mistrust and paranoia…

Mistrust of government was Loughner’s defining conviction, the friends said. He believed the U.S. government was behind 9/11, and worried that governments were maneuvering to create a unified monetary system (“a New World Order currency” one friend said) so that social elites and bureaucrats could control the rest of the world…

Over time, Loughner became increasingly introspective — what one of the friends described as a “nihilistic rut.”

An ardent atheist, he began to characterize people as sheep whose free will was being sapped by the government and the monotony of modern life…

“He appeared to be to me an emotional cripple or an emotional child,” Coorough said. “He lacked compassion, he lacked understanding and he lacked an ability to connect.”

He’s also very likely schizophrenic, Kenneth of Ricochet.com posits:

[H]aving reviewed his history, writings and videos on the web, I am convinced that he most likely suffers from an organic disease: schizophrenia.

I’ve seen schizophrenia at close range.  I once spent two years of my life tending to a schizophrenic relative.  It’s a tragic disease.  And because it manifests itself in such ugly, shocking behavior, it’s not always possible to sympathize with the sufferer.

Schizophrenics tend to believe in grandiose hallucinations – they are God, Christ, Napoleon.  For a sufferer like Jared Loughner, killing random strangers would not suffice – he wanted to prove his grandiosity by targeting a person of significance.

George Savage, a regular contributor to Ricochet, lost his aunt in Loughner’s attack. Our condolences go out to him and everyone else effected by the brutal attack on Saturday.

Related: Dr. Pat Santy concurs with the schizophrenia diagnosis: “I have not met or examined the individual who is in custody for this horrific attack. But I have read quite a bit of information about him now. Making a reasonable clinical determination (which will be impacted obviously by forthcoming information also); and based on his own writings and behaviors that were described prior to this incident, my best assessment is that Jared Loughner was likely suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.”