Ed Driscoll

They Lost on Jeopardy

The role of Alex Trebek will be played by Stacy McCain, who writes, “A. Two Famous Politicians Who Make Headlines But Will Never Be President:”

Q. Who are John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani?

Politico has to rely on the National Enquirer as a source for their “John Edwards to Marry His Baby Mama” story. As the man famously said, there are “Two Americas,” and in the liberal America where people used to take Edwards seriously, he’s now just the punchline to a preposterous joke. Of course, out here in the other America, where people have common sense, Silky Pony was always a joke.

As to this “Rudy 2012″ nonsense — well, that’s what it is, nonsense. It was also nonsense in 2008, yet there were enough idiots who took it seriously that Rudy collected $59 million to win zero delegates. (Give me $59 million so I can run for president, and I’m pretty sure I could get at least one delegate, maybe in South Carolina.)

Rudy did the impossible in the 1990s — make New York livable again after the Dinkins years, capped off by a brilliant job on 9/11 and its immediate aftermath. But as with Fred Thompson (another fine man as well), their belief that they were above the GOP primary system killed their chances in 2008, unlike McCain (John, not Stacy) who at least showed up to play.

Stacy links to Ace of Spades, who writes:

“The Republican Party is a right-side party, period, and this idea that a moderate ‘savior’ is going to come in and win is silly.”

Well, arguably other than John McCain in 2008, the self-described “Maverick.” And that worked out well for all concerned.

Speaking of moderates / liberals / progressives / Coffee Partiers / No Labelers, at the Washington Examiner, Mark Tapscott asks, “What will they call themselves if they can’t use ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive?'”