Downfall Meets First Contact: Hitler Versus the Borg's Dog!

Hillbuzz crosses all the streams, as Hitler meets Alinsky meets Obama meets the Borg meets LOLdogs. Or something like that:

Ridicule is the Left’s best and most effective weapon.  It was one of the most powerful commands Saul Alinksy issued to his acolytes, telling them to employ ridicule generously against all opponents because the laughter it brings weakens them and deligitimzes anything they stand for.

Conservatives, somewhere, somehow, by someone, are taught to let the Left win…and to “take the high road” by not using effective tools to lampoon their opposition and make Americans see the Left for the deranged fools they really are.  Taking ridicule off the table as a weapon against the Left is like managing a baseball team and forbidding your pitchers from throwing curve balls or your runners from stealing bases, because “both are wrong”.  Really?  Who’s decided that, and who’s enforcing it, and why are Democrats allowed to do whatever they please to make their point and mock conservatives?

My primary goal in 2011 is to reach as many conservatives as possible and encourage them to develop a sense of humor that ridicules, lampoons, and decimates the Left with much-deserved mocking laughter.

All authoritarians who believe they are better, and know better, than those they seek to subjugate and rule fear ridicule.

Today, a good friend sent me this article about Nazi Germany declaring war on a dog who made fun of Hitler.

You read that right.

A dog.

Nazi Germany declared war on a dog.

Apparently, a few months before the Nazis launched their invasion of the Soviet Union, someone in Hitler’s circle became aware of a dog named Jackie in the Finnish city of Tampere.  Jackie’s owner, Tor Borg, trained the dog to ape Hitler’s Nazi salute. Resistance to laughter was futile, as Borg’s dog mocked Der Fuhrer so effectively.


Read the whole thing, as they say in Sector #001.

Meanwhile, in a story that crosses far too many streams of more recent history, “Girls, guns and why Tom Jones and Elvis both wanted to beat up John Lennon.”

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