Ed Driscoll

Mama Said Knock You Out

In “ObamaCare knockout,” Michael Walsh writes that “America awaits GOP’s punch:”

So the time to deal a body blow to ObamaCare is now. Since all spending bills must originate in the House, it will be up to the Republican majority there to first defund it, then to repeal it. Indeed, if they play their cards just right, ObamaCare can be the wedge issue that finally exposes liberal do-goodism for what it really is: coercion with a smiley face, cloaked in the false mantle of “compassion.”

Sure, repeal is unlikely to get through the Senate in this term, and even if it did President Obama would veto it. But the folks who elected the new Congress don’t care. It’s the principle that counts: Not only do anti-constitutional government programs like ObamaCare make us less free, they make us less self-reliant as well. The politics of repeal are right as well. Dispirited Americans watched the lame-duck kamikaze Congress piloted by Harry Reid flip them the bird as they ploughed ahead with their agenda.

So let’s see it, 112th Congress. Defund ObamaCare. Hold hearings on the bill and force the left to defend its provisions. Pass a repeal bill, such as HR 4972, sponsored by Rep. Steve King of Iowa and see what happens.

Washington isn’t broken. It’s out of control, and the American people are shouting no mas! The first order of business is for the Republicans to stand upright, spinally stiffened — and to finally throw that first Rocky punch.


Get in their face and punch back twice as hard, as someone once said.

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