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Latest Political Battlefield: Seattle Bus Advertising

In a story that’s the flip-side to the previous post about Mike Bloomberg in “cahoots,” as blogger Yid with Lid memorably put it with the Ground Zero Mosque builders, Dave Swindle of David Horowitz’s NewsReal Website spots a small victory over the “Domestic Allies of Islamic Terror in Seattle.”

On Tuesday we announced a new campaign from the Freedom Center: countering a disgusting lie against Israel that was being perpetuated by an obscure leftist group.

An announcement today from Seattle’s King County bus service:

“Metro sells advertising to raise revenues to provide transit service. Metro’s existing policy restricts advertising that can be reasonably foreseen to result in harm to, disruption of, or interference with the transportation system. Given the dramatic escalation of debate in the past few days over these proposed ads, and the submission of inflammatory response ads, there is now an unacceptable risk of harm to or disruption of service to our customers should these ads run.”

Metro won’t be running the anti-Israel ad or the counter ads it received.

This is a clear victory for those who support free societies.

It’s also a case study in how to fight the Left. If the movement to delegitimize Israel is going to submit a bus ad, then the movement to support the existence of the freest society in the Middle East is going to submit two. We need to engage and counter the Left on their activist level, using the same hardball tactics they’ve used against free societies for far too long. And when we do that we will win because our message is based on truth instead of fantasies and lies. This is a clear cut case of conservatives understanding and implementing the principles of political war — and then seeing how effective they are.

Read on though, for the Freudian slip that Swindle spots from a King County municipal executive embittered that someone on the right would dare challenge an anti-Israeli sentiment.

More from Roger L. Simon, who’s currently vacationing in the Seattle area.

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