That Sly Come Hither Stare that Strips Their Conscience Bare

Some of the loonier inmates at Gitmo call it witchcraft, wicked witchcraft:

When Gitmo detainees (both current and former) make up stories about torture and abuse, they usually stick to the script, claiming they were beaten, waterboarded, or had some other malady inflicted upon them. Even if there is no evidence to back these claims up (e.g. no detainee was ever waterboarded at Gitmo), their stories generally gain traction in the fever swamps online and elsewhere.

Occasionally, however, a detainee will go off script. And so we get Hajj’s story. Hajj claims that when detainees wouldn’t talk to interrogators at Gitmo, the interrogators – Jewish interrogators, that is – would resort to witchcraft.

“The most common method to wear down the brothers was witchcraft,” Hajj told Al Jazeera. “There were, of course, Jews among the [staff of] the Guantanamo base, and they would set traps for the guys.” Hajj explained, “Witchcraft was used on most of the guys.”

Hajj was asked to give some examples of how this Jewish sorcery worked. One detainee decided to urinate in his milk because of a Jewish spell, Hajj says. It gets even more bizarre. From the MEMRI translation:

Hajj: “Once, when I was sleeping – on the floor, not on a bed – I suddenly felt that a cat was trying to penetrate me. It tried to penetrate me again and again. I recited the kursi verse again and again until the cat left.”Interviewer: “But there wasn’t really any cat there?”

Fortunately for Hajj and his other “brothers,” all they had to do was recite some Koranic verses and the Jewish witchcraft would be undone.


Well that’s a relief. But why didn’t that prevent Israeli air force sonic booms from igniting crocodile sex drives, or the Mossad from causing shark attacks in Egypt, eh?

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