Ed Driscoll

'Sarah Palin Drives Aaron Sorkin Out Of His Ever-Loving Mind'

Wikipedia describes Aaron Sorkin, the Hollywood screenwriter who wrote The West Wing and The American President as once being “a cocaine addict for many years.” But it only took one episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska for his brain to truly melt down. As his item at the Huffington Post on Palin’s show began this week:

“Unless you’ve never worn leather shoes, sat upon a leather chair or eaten meat, save your condemnation.”

You’re right, Sarah, we’ll all just go f*ck ourselves now.

And proceeds to do pretty much just that to himself for the next five hundred and sixteen words.

Surveying the wreckage, John Hawkins responds:

Maybe this is a little perverse — but I can’t help but admire Sarah Palin’s ability to drive liberals ABSOLUTELY INSANE just by living her life. Imagine if you will, being Sarah Palin. She goes hunting, like millions of other Americans do — like John Kerry did at least once, when he was running for President back in 2004 — and it drives liberals like Aaron Sorkin completely around the bend.

* * *

The complete and utter lack of testosterone here is also pretty notable. Maybe Sorkin doesn’t like Palin because she’s more of a man than he is? Oh wait, that’s unfair. True, but unfair.

Heh — that dovetails remarkably well into Zombie’s recent post on the psychosexual impact that Palin has on the left.

More from John:

Additionally, it’s intriguing to see the “I hate hunters” motif coming back into play. It’s not that liberals don’t feel that way. Many of them do. But, the NRA has pistol whipped them at the ballot box so many times that most of them aren’t willing to admit what they believe anymore.

Also, let me ask: What is the “reasonable rebuttal” to an emotionally overwrought, logic-free rant about a woman Aaron Sorkin doesn’t like choosing to hunt? Hunting is as American as apple pie and if Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett were still around, they could confirm that for him. If Sorkin would rather skip the hunting himself and just enjoy all the meat and leather provided by people who are less squeamish about killing animals, that’s fine, but he should be more grateful. Without people like Sarah Palin around, people like Aaron Sorkin would have had to spend a lifetime eating bean sprouts.

I’ve seen that over and over from “liberal” friends and acquaintances who enjoy steak, foie gras, etc., but get a similar case of Sorkinesque vapors over the very idea of hunting, or simply being around somebody who does hunt.

Which is oddly paradoxical — setting aside all of the left’s boilerplate cries of diversity and lifestyle choices, much of “progressivism’s” current obsessions center around a sort of reprimitivization of society. And yet, being around someone who has actually engaged in ancient and noble traditions such as hunting and organized religion all her life will cause them to reach for their smelling salts.

Or better, blog at the Huffington Post so that we can all savor the schadenfreude of the Ruling Class continuing to be driven absolutely mad by a woman whose fame they helped to create beginning in the fall of 2008.

Or as Sorkin writes:

And you didn’t just do it for fun and you didn’t just do it for money. That was the first moose ever murdered for political gain. You knew there’d be a protest from PETA and you knew that would be an opportunity to hate on some people, you witless bully. What a uniter you’d be — bringing the right together with the far right.

(Let me be the first to say that I abused cocaine and was arrested for it in April 2001. I want to be the first to say it so that when Palin’s Army of Arrogant Ass****, bereft of any reasonable rebuttal, write it all over the internet tomorrow they will at best be the second.)

I eat meat, there are leather chairs in my office, Sarah Palin is deranged and The Learning Channel should be ashamed of itself.

Why would The Learning Channel (sic) be ashamed of themselves? They’re in the business of generating ratings and word of mouth by causing puritans such as Sorkin to absolutely flip out, much the same as when Ed Sullivan booked earlier rock stars such as Elvis, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Doors for his television show, or MTV when it ran Madonna videos in the mid-1980s.

Shocking reactionary blue bloods never goes out of style.

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