Ed Driscoll

Former Ohio Gov. Calls for Dissolution of Democrat Party

At her swank new gig at the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin has a little fun with Ohio’s Ted Strickland:

Former Ohio Gov.Ted Strickland declared, in reference to the argument on extending only the Bush tax cuts for middle-income taxpayers, “I mean if we can’t win that argument, we might as well fold up.” Well, I couldn’t agree more. And, in fact, the Democrats have not been able to engage the public or round up a congressional majority for their class warfare gambit. That, you will recall, was the White House strategy before the election, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi couldn’t round up the votes. The voters knew full well the positions of the parties: Democrats wanted to sock it to upper-income taxpayers, including small business, and Republicans thought it loopy to raise taxes on anyone in a recession. The election answered that question rather decisively. Now even the White House has relented and is overseeing a deal to extend all the cuts, at least temporarily. So what of Strickland’s call? Well, I think it a bit harsh to call for the dissolution of an entire political party. But the voters did send a good many of the them packing.

Heh, indeed.™