Ed Driscoll

'Republicans Kill Global Warming Committee'

Jackie Kucinich (yes, the daughter of everybody’s favorite space cadet leftwing senator) whines at Roll Call:

Speaker-designate John Boehner’s office confirmed on Wednesday that Republicans will eliminate the Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee in the 112th Congress.

“We have pledged to save taxpayers’ money by reducing waste and duplication in Congress,” Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said in an e-mail. “The Select Committee on Global Warming — which was created to provide a political forum to promote Washington Democrats’ job-killing national energy tax — was a clear example, and it will not continue in the 112th Congress.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) created the panel in 2007 to push what she has called her “flagship” issue. It is [soon to be was, fortunately — Ed] headed by Rep. Ed Markey (Mass.), who co-authored the Democrats’ ill-fated cap-and-trade bill last year.

It could easily be a pyrrhic victory for the rest of us, however. The question of what will happen to “Global Warming” aficionado and Michigan RINO Fred Upton is still on the table for the incoming Congress, which means that the rest of us might want to continue to stock up on incandescent bulbs, at least for now. (Don’t miss the comments to a post titled “Who is Fred Upton” at National Review Online. The readers know who he is, even if NR is currently feigning ignorance.)

Incidentally, while Pelosi could get rococo energy and soul-crushing environmentalist committees created in Congress, she apparently couldn’t get a restroom off the congressional floor built for her fellow distaff representatives; once again, incoming speaker Boehner to the rescue.

The AP, demonstrating the dignity that only layers and layers of fact checkers and editors can bring to a story, actually begins their article, “Call it congressional potty parity.”

You stay classy, big media!

Update: “Fie On Your Light Bulbs. Let’s Talk Toilets,” Peter Robinson writes at Ricochet, exploring territory frequently mined by Dave Barry.