Ed Driscoll

History Rhymes at the Reichstag

In a post with the hilarious title of  “Keystone Qaedists,” Orrin Judd writes, “Leave it to these numbskulls to emulate the Nazis:”

According to information obtained by from German security authorities, al-Qaida and associated groups are believed to be planning an attack on the Reichstag building in Berlin, the headquarters of Germany’s parliament and also an attraction visited by thousands of tourists everyday.

And to really bring this post full circle, it was only a couple of months ago that Conde Nast’s slick glossy Traveler magazine assured me that the Reichstag was the new holy symbol of All Things Green and Wonderful in, as they described it — positively! — Germany’s “Eco–Anschluss:”

I am heading for the city’s most iconic building, the formerly bombed–out Reichstag, once tagged “do not resuscitate” and now the most eco–tricked–out seat of government on earth. Behind the facade of pompous Prussian bas– reliefs (mostly nude Brunhildas with lions rampant), a modernist geyser of mirrors erupts to a glass dome. The sparkling cone funnels in natural light while doubling as a vent for stale air (every bloviating legislature should have one). The building is warmed by geothermal heat; the solar array is augmented by a basement generator running on—wait for it—locally produced canola oil. Sustainable architecture doesn’t quite say it: This is Pimp My Parliament, Green Edition.

Shouldn’t that earn the Reichstag a reprieve from Al Qaeda’s newly environmentally-conscious boss?