Ed Driscoll

Green Supremacist Alert!

“”LSU Professor: Pakistan and India might nuke us in 50 years if we ignore global warming,” according to “The Right Scoop,” guestblogging at Hot Air; his post also has video of the scene described below:

Dr. Schaefer from Louisiana State University says that if our attitude is to just “sit on our tuffets and screw the kids” and do nothing to solve the critical problem of global warming, then in 50 years Pakistan and India might decide to send a couple of nukes our way for being one of the leading contributors to global warming. Wow.

Schaefer was so hyperbolic in this clip that I wasn’t sure which of his fear mongering statements to use for the title. From telling his skeptical students that ‘blood will be on their hands’, to creating a worksheet that asks those same students to estimate the probability that their children would die in ‘ugly ways’ if they ignore global warming, you have to wonder if Schaefer was one of the masterminds behind this. Yeah I’m pretty sure he wasn’t, though maybe he was profoundly inspired by it.

No pressure, though, to coin a phrase; it’s just a case of macro and micro destruction — which begs the question: what is these days with the violent eliminationist rhetoric of radical environmentalists? Or as Mark Steyn once quipped, summing up their doomsday cult rheotic, “The ecochondriacs mean it: This’d be a pretty nice planet if we didn’t live here.”