Ed Driscoll

The View to a Shrill

At NewsReal, Lori Ziganto and “Jenn Q. Public” chart “The 9 Most Asinine Statements by Vile Harpy Joy Behar.” Don’t miss it — if only to be reminded of just how much one can learn from listening to La Behar.

Related: At the Belmont Club, Richard Fernandez puts a Fitzgerald-esque spin on the aftermath of the midterms:

No one described the curse of a half-glimpsed paradise better than F. Scott Fitzgerald. It can haunt a life, even a nation’s life, long after it has slipped away. But what happens when you wake up to find that Daisy Buchanan was really Bernardine Dohrn?

And speaking of Fitzgerald and Gatsby, read this and then ponder the inevitable question: what could go wrong? Other than pretty much, everything.