Ed Driscoll

Transylvania 6-5000

As Gallup declares Tuesday election going into “Uncharted Territory,” James Pethokoukis, perhaps Reuters’ only sherpa to the sccccccarrrry world of the political right brings back “20 reasons Democrats are the walking dead.”

Almost a year and a half ago, Byron York thanked Skeletor himself, James Carville:

It’s always a good sign for an out-of-power political party when its winning rival begins to believe it will be in power not just for the next term of office but virtually forever.  It’s the kind of “permanent Republican majority” thinking that ultimately leads to overconfidence and failure.

So now we have Democratic strategist/talking head James Carville’s new book, 40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation.  An email this morning from Carville’s strategy group, Democracy Corps, explains:

Every four years Americans hold a presidential election. Somebody wins and somebody loses. That’s life. But 2008 was an anomaly. The election of President Barack Obama is about something far bigger than four or even eight years in the White House. Since 2004, Americans have been witnessing and participating in the emergence of a Democratic majority that will last not four but forty years.

Democracy Corps promises that Carville will take on “the unpleasant but edifying task of autopsying the Republican Party” and will go on to explain “why Democrats are going to keep winning.”  There’s no word on why he believes Democratic victories might stop after 2048.

Which is a useful reminder for the GOP, should they be lucky to ride the wave to victory in either house of Congress on Tuesday. (Related thoughts on “The Disappearance of the Emerging Democratic Majority” from Ronald Radosh this weekend at PJM.)

Meanwhile, David Broder has a modest proposal for President Obama to salvage things: Or as James Poulos of Ricochet quips, “Yes We Can, But Only If We Bomb Iran.”

Works for me — all I can add is, “faster, please,” as Michael Ledeen would say! But who knew the normally sedate Broder would start working our side of the street and suddenly discover his raging hidden rightwing teabagging neocon bloodthirsty deathbeast persona though?

Update: Just in time for Halloween, Obama confronts his doppelganger.