But Does Ricky Pule's Have Free Wi-Fi?

[youtube 0F2SJS6B1wQ]

Monty Python, circa 1970 on the “Hairdressers’ Ascent up Mount Everest:”

Patrice: Well, we decided to open a salon.

Announcer: It was a tremendous success.

(the following is accompanied by pictures of great mountaineering heros upon whom are pasted elaborate Marie Antoinette style hairdos)

Announcer: Challenging Everest? Why not drop in at Ricky Pule’s, only 2400 feet from this cinema. (A huge pink neon sign reading ‘Ricky’s’ appears on the mountain.) Ricky and Maurice offer a variety of styles for the well-groomed climber. Why should Tensing and Sir Edmond Hillary be number one on top, when you’re number one on top?


The London Telegraph, circa today: “High speed internet is now available on top of the world after a Nepalese telecom first launched the first 3G services at the base camp of Mount Everest.”

So who will be the first to Twitter from 29,000 feet? And will he have sufficient mousse?


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