Ed Driscoll

Viva Las Biden!

The Sharron Angle camp reports:

What this race really needed was a visit from Vice President Joe Biden and today…Joe comes to town!

Joe and Harry have teamed up to insult just about every portion of the America population as you can see here.

Both have also provided some of the most insensitive comments about President Obama – Joe observed that Barack Obama was “clean”, while Harry noted that Obama was “light-skinned” with “no-negro dialect”.

But beyond their willingness to offend just about everyone, they’ve done something much worse – they teamed up to destroy our nation’s economy and drive Nevada to the worst unemployment in the nation, including a new report which places Reno at the very bottom of national job rankings.

Maybe while Joe is in Reno today, someone can ask him about the fact that Reno ranks 196th out of the nation’s largest 200 cities in ability to create and sustain jobs.

Biden’s stop is just a prelude to President Obama’s last ditch effort to save his lapdog Harry Reid.  But the Vice President’s visit is another reminder that Harry Reid and the Obama Administration are the ones that brought us a failed $787 billion stimulus plan, unwanted and despised ObamaCare, and record unemployment in the state.

With friends like these … who needs enemies?  Keep them coming Harry!


Biden and Reid are like the Miles and Coltrane of improvisatory gaffe machines — hopefully their rally today will bring back moments that measure up to these:

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