Ed Driscoll

'From Godzilla to Impotent Herbivores'

After that last post, some fanfare for the common Timesman. At Ricochet, Claire Berlinski writes:

I know you’re already on my side on this one, but you can wave this article wildly in front of friends who still need persuading. The New York Times just ran quite an important piece about the ominous example of Japan, which is about as close as you can get to a knock-down argument against performing any more Keynesian experiments on our economy.

Nobody tell Paul Krugman or Thomas Friedman.

Since the Keynesian economics have has failed in both Japan and the US, why not try the Texas model?

(Don’t miss the illustration accompanying Berlinski’s article of Wallace Shawn’s T-Rex character from the Toy Story movies about to receive, err, an artificial stimulus…)