Ed Driscoll

Pinch Me

While I’m still skeptical that the GOP will regain the senate in November, if so, dare to dream big — “Inhofe confident he’ll be EPW chairman:”

The Senate’s top global warming skeptic is confident he’ll reclaim the gavel of the Environment and Public Works Committee next year, and he’s got big plans in store.

“I’ll be chairman,” Oklahoma Republican James Inhofe said in an interview yesterday.

Inhofe was chairman of the panel from 2003 to 2007 and has served as ranking member since Democrats seized control of the chamber and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) took the gavel.

With an outside chance that Republicans will win back the Senate this fall, Inhofe is already making plans to overhaul the powerful panel.

His top priority, he says, is to stop “wasting time” on global warming hearings and get down to business on issues he says have been neglected, like overseeing U.S. EPA and passing major transportation and water infrastructure bills.

“We haven’t really been doing anything because they’ve been wasting all of our time on all that silly stuff, all the hearings on global warming and all that,” Inhofe said.

Oh the fun that could be had next year.

(H/T: Small Dead Animals, which also spots your deranged eco-fascist comment of the day.)