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The Perils of Penelope Pitstop...Starring Barney Frank?

[youtube 27FlXGA7R50]

“Barney Frank: Tea Partiers have tied me to the railroad tracks!” As David Fredosso writes, “Did anyone else think of Snidely Whiplash?”

This has to be one of the more colorful fundraising emails of the cycle, from Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass.:

Today, the “Tea Party Express” announced that not only has it made my one of their top targets in the entire nation, they are formally endorsing my opponent, Sean Bielat, a supposed moderate.

The Tea Party Express also announced a that it will make a special stop in Massachusetts just before the election in order to defeat me.

The Tea Party Express thinks that it has me tied to the tracks. The right-wing is readying its engines. Fox News and talk radio are ready to call the play-by-play.

Let’s not get railroaded by the extreme right. Please help me fight back so we can preserve the ideals that make our country great.

Did anyone else think of Snidely Whiplash?

Steve Green has an interview with Sean Bielat at PJTV.

No word yet if Clyde, Dum-Dum, Pockets, Snoozy, Softy and the rest of the Ant Hill Mob will be rallying in Massachusetts’ 4th District in support of Penelope Barney.

Update: Or perhaps Bielat: “Massachusetts soon in a different column?”

Dare to dream, dare to dream.

Update: The pressure of actually having to campaign for once is producing modest results: “Barney Frank Calls For Repeal of 1099 Provision in ObamaCare.”

Who knows? Maybe by the end of the month, we can shorten that sentence to “Barney Frank Calls For Repeal of ObamaCare.”

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