Ed Driscoll

'Civility? Whoopi!'

Shut up, she said — or as Andrew Klaven writes:

Whoopi Goldberg has written a book warning of our society’s decline in civility. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Oh, Klavan, you lovable rapscallion, always a ready jest, ever the gamboling ludic mindplay!” But no, no, this is serious! The woman who clutched her crotch because the President was named Bush and told protesters she disagreed with to “Kiss my butt!” is lecturing us on civility. And what’s more, this, really, is par for the lefty course. If my memory serves, it was Bill Clinton who first made this an issue when Rush Limbaugh began to eat into his support. Suddenly there was a problem with civility in American discourse. Right. For forty years, whites were called racist, men were called pigs, ordinary Americans were called stupid, bigoted rednecks… and then Rush argued back and suddenly it was: “Whoa! Whoa! Civility! Civility!” Why? Because incivility is just one more leftist code word for “Shut up if you disagree.” My response? Kiss my Whoopi.

But really, of all the members of The View past and present, wouldn’t Rosie or Joy have been a better choice to author this book?