Ed Driscoll

PJM Political: Selling Tea to New Castle

If you missed it on Sirius-XM Satellite Radio today, click here for the latest edition of Pajamas Media’s weekly PJM Political show. Join host Stephen Green of VodkaPundit.com for a look at both DC and Delaware, this week’s exciting new hotbed of politics:

  • Ed Driscoll interviews David Limbaugh about his new book on President Obama, Crimes Against Liberty. This interview was edited for time constraints; watch for the full-length version shortly.
  • Steve interviews James Lileks on Christine O’Donnell’s improbable win this week in the Delaware primaries.
  • Glenn Reynolds interviews pollster Scott Rasmussen on the November midterms.
  • Ed interviews Rick Calvert about next month’s Blog World & New Media Expo in Las Vegas, and how candidates are using new media in the midterms.
  • Taken from PJTV’s weekly Poliwood show, Roger L. Simon and Lionel Chetwynd discuss on Hollywood’s love of school-themed movies.
  • Produced by your humble Blogospheric narrator.

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