Ed Driscoll

Playing 'the Breitbart Card'

As a follow-up to our item yesterday on the Torrance California Daily Breeze apparently deciding not to report on the GOP candidate running against Democrat Jane Harman in November (who’s either now or will shortly become the co-owner of Newsweek thanks to her husband), Stacy McCain quotes from a journalist who works at the Breeze:

“So imagine my surprise today to find I’m the victim of an Andrew Beitbart wannabe, a blogger with a clear agenda of his own who has decided in his hypocrisy I have one of my own.”
Nick Green, Torrance (Calif.) Daily Breeze

He’s the victim, you see. Nick Green was just minding his own business, cheerfully ignoring the congressional election that he’s paid to cover, blowing off the Republican challenger’s campaign as too insignificant to merit his attention and then — without notice or warning — somebody called him on it.

Sucks to be you, doesn’t it, Nick?

Read the whole thing, including a commenter whom Stacy highlights who coined the headline above. Green’s churlishness certainly echoes remarkably well with the earlier freakout from the left 12 years ago, when the man whom gave Andrew his start arrived on the scene, and promptly shifted the media landscape.