Ed Driscoll

General Electric Spokesman Advises Liberals to Stay Home in November

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz barks, “I’m not going to vote in the midterms.” Allahpundit responds:

I know, I know, not even the left takes this blowhole seriously. But indulge me a bit of schadenfreude after having listened to liberals for months during the ObamaCare battle warn that the base would stay home for the midterms if Democrats didn’t pass health-care reform. So they passed it — and now this tool wants to stay home anyway because Reid hasn’t brokered a deal to extend unemployment benefits. You’re a hundred percent right, Ed: After ramming through a vastly unpopular stimulus and then a vastly unpopular health-care bill on top of it — knowing full well that doing so would mean a hellacious beating in November — they haven’t done nearly enough for the left yet. They must be taught a lesson. Lead the people, Ed.

With or without the help of Schultz and his fellow MSNBCers, “Will Republicans gain the net 40 seats they need for a majority in the House?” Michael Barone asks, adding that “Several factors will certainly help.”

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