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Nobody Can Fire Andrew Breitbart

At the American Thinker, Christopher Chantrill writes, Here we see the late-dynasty stupidity of the Ruling Elite. A Ruling Elite that was up to the job would have co-opted or destroyed Limbaugh and Breitbart long ago:”

In Generation One, conservatives fenced with the Ruling Class using foils, masks, jackets, and breeches. In Generation Two, conservatives roamed in the talk radio AM band hinterland around the Ruling Class’s NPR-fortified cities. Now, in Generation Three, conservatives move through the internet as a fish swims in the sea.

In Generation One, conservatives wanted to be treated as part of the elite. So they were, grudgingly; Bill Buckley got his “Firing Line” show on PBS, and Milton Friedman got his “Free to Choose.” Generation Two never got past the TV Nazis. No PBS shows for them. Rush’s syndicated television show was confined to middle-of-the-night time slots. Generation Three is different. It aims to get respect with hard-knuckle action in the mean streets of the internet. That is what Andrew Breitbart is all about, as Kyle Wingfield

Breitbart is clear about his desire to turn the tables on liberal media and activist groups. That’s why he went after ACORN, and why it makes sense that he’d set his sights higher than an obscure bureaucrat.

Breitbart aimed to play the race card right back in the face of the racist NAACP. While the media was busy getting its knickers in a twist about out-of-context quotes, Breitbart had managed to make fools of both the NAACP and the Obama administration.

Or maybe it’s just a coincidence that the Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index dipped to -20 over the weekend.

Definitely read the whole thing.

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Update: Howard Kurtz of the JournoList-tainted Washington Post writes, “Andrew Breitbart has delighted in pushing a maliciously edited video smearing Shirley Sherrod and refused to apologize.”

Regarding the first half of Howard’s argument above, Prof. William A. Jacobson begs to differ.

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