Ed Driscoll

When the Cold Civil War Turns Hot

“Caught on Camera: Union Goon Hits, Shoves and Harasses GOP Supporter at Rally:”

Or as the Washington Post might say, yet another conservative gets “hugged” by a paternal, embracing Democrat:

[youtube L9X1Va5aw5Y]

As Peggy Noonan would (hopefully) remind them, “Son, being an enraged, profane, unmoderated, unmediated, hit-loving, trash-talking rage monkey is no way to go through life.”

Update: “Union Endorses Initiative to Legalize Pot in California.” If this proposal will help to mellow-out violent, rage-filled California unions, it might be worth considering.

Related: “They are very mockable, and they are very thin-skinned. That leads them to erupt in embarrassing ways. Use their sense of entitlement against them.”

More: “Notice, folks: two cameras. If it had been one camera Mr. Tough Guy might have tried to take it away. Two cameras makes even a Lefty would be bully-boy like this thoughtful…”

See also: Camera 1, and Camera 2 on Bob Etheridge.

Update: John Hinderaker writes, “If those shirts were brown instead of pink, the video would have a disturbingly retro feel…It’s funny how the political class is always wringing its hands about the potential for violence at Tea Party rallies, while 100% of the actual violence and intimidation that take place at political events is committed by union goons.”

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