Steve Rothman (D-NJ): 'Repairing the World;' Insulting His Constituents

[youtube mU3-h_Hej9M]

Now playing on YouTube Congressional Theater, meet Steve Rothman (D-NJ). As the caption says on the video:

Video taken during U.S. Congressman Steve Rothman’s town hall meeting in Lodi, New Jersey on July 12, 2010. Rothman (D-NJ) gets upset that he is called out for telling his constituents one thing, and then voting the exact opposite way. All politicians of all parties who are used to breaking their word like this should be voted out of office.

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Here’s a flashback to 2009, and Rothman’s earlier response to a constiuent’s question regarding ObamaCare during its vaporware stages, which was referenced in the above clip:

[youtube VradLPeiynQ]

But Steve only wants to “Repair the World!” Hopefully voters will give him much more free time to do that come November.


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