Ed Driscoll

The View's Latest Trainwreck Moment

As Blair’s Law posits, “The ongoing process by which the world’s multiple idiocies are becoming one giant, useless force.”

You can really see it at work here, when D.L. Hughley, the actor/comedian/wannabe pundit last seen on a low-rated public access “news” channel declaring half the country to be Nazis, stops by ABC’s perpetual morning train wreck, The View.

What could go wrong?

Back in June, there was an episode of The View that offended a whole lot of people.  There were two male co-hosts, D.L. Hughley and Thomas Roberts, a newscaster for MSNBC.  They discussed that asinine Red Cross policy that states that gay men and people who have slept with gay men cannot donate blood, and from there, Hughley went on to make the statement that “when you look at the prevalence of HIV in the African American community it’s primarily young women who are getting it from men who are on the down low,” and they talked about that for a bit.  The thing is, however, that Hughley’s statement wasn’t even a little bit true.

GLAAD, along with the Black AIDS Institute and the National Black Justice Coalition, took offense to that remark, so they placed a full page ad in Variety demanding an on-air apology from The View and asking them to give the actual facts to their viewers.

I can’t imagine that The View won’t respond to this.  Placing a full page ad in Variety seems like a pretty effective way to call someone out.  I’d like to think that maybe next time people on The View would bother to check their facts before they make these kinds of ridiculous statements that other people actually listen to, but I’m not going to get my hopes up.

Good plan. The View, the ABC show that believes both the moon landing, and 9/11 are giant government conspiracies, check its facts?  As the kids say these days on the Intertubes (which I’ve heard rumored was itself created by the feds…), ROFLMAO!

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