Does Anybody Remember Laughter?

“Perhaps you wondered about the 45% of Californians who think Jerry Brown should be governor again. Now you know:”

[youtube OQSNhk5ICTI]

Update: In the comments, reader “Foobarista” has a sense deja foo all over again:


What does it mean? It means you saw an isolated shower when the sun was setting. This causes quite spectacular rainbows, with double or even triple rainbows possible. Enjoy it, but it’s all completely “natural” and can be duplicated with a backyard sprinkler (which was the subject of another famous youtube a few years ago).

This classic clip? They definitely share a similar Socratic mindset keenly and dispassionately analyzing the world around them:

[youtube _c6HsiixFS8]

The later clip benefits immeasurably from its brilliantly written titles, though.


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