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It's Hard To Talk When You're Sandbagging CNN

Hope and/or change in action: CNN, which first cooed over Rev. Wright and then banished him down the infamous "Wright-Free Zone" memory hole within one week's time during the election in 2008, and then literally baked a cake to display on the air to celebrate the first anniversary of the Obama-"stimulus" plan, is now complaining about the Obaministration's attempts to block media access to the BP spill.

At Hot Air, Allahpundit writes:

Via Cubachi, a good one from last night’s AC 360. I don’t think this is an “Obama problem” as much as it is a “government problem,” but of course the bold, fresh Hopenchange climate of transparency was supposed to solve this particular government problem, wasn’t it? The next question, though, is what would be waiting for CNN on the beach assuming they were allowed to go down there. For a hint, see the second clip below via Fast Company. Remember, according to multiple sources, BP’s actually stooped to creating the beach equivalent of Potemkin villages as backdrops for Obama photo ops. Even the stuff in the gulf that looks okay isn’t really okay.

Meanwhile, how's the impetus for CNN's cake-baking efforts working out?