Ed Driscoll

Oceania Has Never Been Allied with Larry Flynt

Headline at Media Matters: “BigEnquirer? Breitbart takes page from National Enquirer, Hustler:”

As if Andrew Breitbart hadn’t already lost any shred of credibility he may have once had (I’m being generous) by promoting guilty pleading James O’Keefe’s deceptive ACORN and U.S. Census video escapades, he’s now taking a page from the National Enquirer and Hustler’s Larry Flynt.

Wait, I thought for the left, Flynt had become one of the good guys. Now he’s back to being a punchline again?

After decades of trashing Flynt for obvious and understandable aesthetic issues, the left had an about face, and praised him to the hilt in the 1990s, when he began to defend Bill Clinton against the right. James Carville even guest-starred in Milos Forman’s big-budget film, sort of a postmodern and, as with all things Clinton, much more declasse version of FDR vetting Walter Huston’s fascist Gabriel over the White House in the mid-1930s.

Of course, now that Larry is less useful for the Dems, they’re happy to use him as a wedge once again to attack their latest ideological enemy. 

And as far as the National Enquirer, they took one Democratic presidential candidate out of the game, and may very well have the goods on another.  (Not to mention typically being much more fun to read than the average legacy media publication.)

In the meantime, another journalistic titan has joined the fight to free the JournoList: “I’ll Take a Cashier’s Check, Mr. Breitbart,” says Citizen Burge!