'Video: These Teabaggers Are Out Of Control!'

Heh. Cuffy Meigs emails that “Chris Matthews was right! Anti-government protesters with disgusting hammer/sickle flags!”

[youtube JKgFsqry6LQ]

Fortunately, the Toronto police, in between standing by helplessly armed while their police cars go up in flames, are doing the dirty, difficult task of preventing onlookers from videotaping the destruction. Or as a famous Kinsleyian malapropism uttered by Mayor Daley and dusted off yesterday by Kathy Shaidle went in 1968, “The police aren’t there to create disorder. The police are there to preserve disorder.”


(A motto which is even more true today in the community so brilliantly organized by President Obama, than it did back in 1968.)

Update: Kate McMillan adds, “Any city that stands aside to photograph itself burning — deserves to.” But civilian photographers will be rebuffed with a force in equal contradistinction to that not being applied to the rioters themselves.


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