Ed Driscoll

'Drive-Bys Root for Gulf Hurricane'

Rush Limbaugh:

I just stole a glance at MSNBC. You know, there’s a tropical disturbance out there southeast of the Yucatan peninsula. The National Hurricane Center has been going back and forth on the odds of it becoming a tropical storm. Today the odds are high that it’s gonna become one. So now all the meteorologists are out there trying to figure out, because the track model has it going either right at New Orleans, some of them take to the east, some to the west of New Orleans, and, of course, here come the, “Oh, God, we hope so! We don’t really hope so. Oh, we hope it! Please let’s not have this. We want this disaster.” I mean the media is going back and forth. They really want it. So I’m watching Brian Williams, I know Brian Williams, Brian Williams I would say is an acquaintance, certainly, and a friend of mine, and Brian Williams is talking to Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, about all of the new science being learned here about can a hurricane form with oil on the surface of the sea, of the Gulf of Mexico, because it affects the temperature, and of course hurricanes do not feed off of oil, they feed off of warm water.

So they’re wondering that maybe the hurricanes destined for the Gulf are not going to form because of so much oil on the surface. They don’t know. They’re speculating. It’s new science. So they’re kind of torn. Folks, I’m not making this up. They really want a hurricane with oil plastered all over everywhere so they can tarnish Big Oil and the private sector. And on the other hand they don’t want it because of all the damage it would do to people. But man, they would love it. They’re really torn. Oh, gosh, we really hope there’s a hurricane. No, we don’t, but we would love to cover an oil hurricane. Oh, yeah. Man, could we really tar and feather Big Oil, but we don’t want the people to get hurt, but if the people get hurt, it makes an even better story. So what do we do? They’re flipping coins, do we or don’t we want a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.

To flashback to a video of ours from 2008, it wouldn’t be the first time that the left has openly rooted for a hurricane to rampage through flyover country:

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