Ed Driscoll

Winners and Losers in Tuesday's Primaries

If you’re looking for a round-up of this week’s primaries, the folks at Pitbull Patriots definitely have you covered.

So what happens this fall? Here’s what the Dark Lord of the Rove has to say, writing in Darth Murdoch’s flagship publication:

Though twice as many Republican Senate seats are being contested in November, state-by-state surveys show if the election were today, 49 Democrats and 43 Republicans are poised to win. Eight races are too close to call, but Republicans lead in five.House races are historically much more difficult to predict. But the NPR survey found in the 30 Democrat seats considered most at risk, the GOP leads 48% to 39%. This nine-point margin points to Republican winning virtually all 30 seats. In the next tier of most vulnerable Democratic districts, Republicans lead 47% to 45%, meaning the GOP could take many of those 30 seats. By comparison, in the 10 Republican districts thought at risk, Republicans lead 53% to 37%. Republicans should hold virtually all of those.

It will take a net of 10 Senate and 40 House seats for the GOP to win control of the legislative branches. These are big numbers—but they are within reach.

Is Nancy Pelosi worried? Well, as Doug Ross quips, “Nancy Pelosi so confident that Democrats will retain majorities after midterms that she’s desperately raising money for legal defense funds.”

And speaking of recent primary winners, Jim Hoft asks, “Why is the democratic-media complex hiding this photo?” Yes, it’s springtime for Texas Democrat Kesha Rogers.

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