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Mistah Cronkite, He Dead

If you missed the latest edition of PJM Political on Sirius-XM this weekend, click here to join host Steve Green of VodkaPundit.com for a look at Washington and beyond, featuring Steve's guests:

  • Roger L. Simon, Michael Ledeen, and Avi Davis of the American Freedom Alliance, on last weeks’ AFA-sponsored conference. "Is the (Real) News Dead?", on the state of old and new media at Pepperdine University last weekend in Malibu, CA.
  • Ed Driscoll interviews Scott Baker of the B-Cast, the pioneering hour-long nightly Blogosphere video newscast, now at its new, solo URL about the recent videos involving White House correspondent Helen Thomas and Rep. Robert Etheridge. (This interview was heavily edited for time; watch for an extended version shortly.)
  • Glenn Reynolds interviews Mickey Kaus, pioneering blogger with Kausfiles.com, Bloggingheads.tv, Salon and the Huffington Post, about what he learned after his abortive run against Barbara Boxer earlier this month in the California primary for the Democratic Senate nomination. (For our earlier interview with Kaus on the eve of the CA primaries, click here.)
  • Produced by your humble Blogospheric narrator.

Tune in here to listen!