Ed Driscoll

The Assault on Reason that America Narrowly Dodged

Or at least delayed for eight years. In his “Best of the Web” column at the Wall Street Journal, James Taranto writes:

CBS News reported last night — and RealClearPolitics has video — that a Gore pal speculates Al’s loss in the 2000 election destroyed the marriage: “It’s been 10 years since that oddly public passionate kiss at the Democratic convention. That was followed by Gore winning the popular vote for President but losing the electoral vote. Family friend Sally Quinn says that may have done the marriage irreparable harm.”

If not being president was more than Gore could take, imagine how he might have crumbled under the stresses of being president.

Heh. Fortunately for Al though, thanks to an article by the palace guards at Newsweek this past January that makes Saturday Night Live’s old “What If” sketches such as “What if Spartacus had a Piper Cub” look plausible, Gore can happily flash back to eight years of incredible imaginary achievements while not actually in office anytime he wants.

Update: And speaking of assaults on reason, “Obama Rips Republicans For Not Believing in Marxism.”

Van Jones, Rev. Wright, Anita Dunn, and Ron Bloom could not be reached for comment.