Ed Driscoll

The Moral Equivalent of War, Part XXXVII

As Tim Graham writes at Newsbusters, “Daily Kos: Gulf Oil Spill Is The Green Lobby’s 9/11, to Exploit ‘In the Most Cynical, Calculated Way:'”

From the “Did I Say That Out Loud?” Department: “Crashing Vor” on the Daily Kos asserted on Tuesday morning that a good crisis should never go to waste. The Gulf oil spill must be exploited, and the greens must “use this moment, use the deaths of species and the suffering of people who depend on them, in the most cynical, calculated way, as bad as a Republican after 9/11, to make real, lasting change in how we address the costs of our way of life.” That means a command-and-control “climate change” bill. Get it now, before stupid Americans lose interest.