Ed Driscoll

Breaking: Terminal in Ft Lauderdale Airport Evacuated. HVAC Fire?

Blogger Will Collier emails:

Heads up… The Ft Lauderdale airport is being evacuated for an undescribed emergency.  Wife and I are trying to get home from vacation.

Just overheard TSA saying smoke is coming out of an air conditioner, but that they should not have cleared the checked in concourse.

I think my layover just got a lot longer…

Just one terminal evacuated.  Nobody is taking the emergency siren seriously, and that includes TSA.  Siren is still going off.

Huge mass of people around the terminal doors.

Local news is calling the evac precautionary.  That was news to the TSA boss.  He was also surprised the media is already reporting on it.

Will adds that “Local media now saying electrical fire in air conditioner”, and sends this photo of travelers being hustled out of the airport by TSA. (Click to enlarge):