Ed Driscoll

Way to Stick it to the Man!

“‘Glee’ creator Ryan Murphy pushes for ‘Newsweek’ boycott,” Entertainment Weekly writes:

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has issued an open letter, urging people to boycott Newsweek until it apologizes for a now-notorious article about gay actors playing straight roles. The Newsweek article states that Glee star Jonathan Groff seems like a “theater queen” on the show. The article also says of Sean Hayes’ performance in Broadway’s Promises, Promises: “It’s weird seeing Hayes play straight.” Hayes’ costar, Kristin Chenoweth, has also condemned the article, which Murphy calls “damaging, needlessly cruel and mind-blowingly bigoted.”

Way to Stick it to The Man, attacking a magazine already on life-support anyhow. Considering that the magazine is on the financial ropes largely because their readership plunged 41 percent in 2009 in addition to steep declines in previous years, I’d say that the American public was way ahead of Murphy on this one.