Ed Driscoll

NYDN on CNN: 'They Must Own Stock in Dramamine'

Most conservatives and libertarians have gotten sick of CNN because of the content of their programming and anchors who are alternately vacuous, viciously partisan, and at times, both. But Richard Huff of the populist, center-left New York Daily News writes that the network’s camera angles aren’t helping either:

CNN changed its onscreen look this week.

After watching for a few days, I’m certain that someone there must own stock in Dramamine.

That’s because it’s hard to watch CNN for any length of time without getting seasick.

Almost every segment starts with the camera taking a long shot of the anchor, then zooming in and occasionally swirling around the side and over the anchor’s shoulder. None of this is smooth, either.

Factor in the changing backdrops – the weather folks work the map, while the camera is moving in and out – and the result is like riding a Tilt-a-Whirl with a bad stomach.

That’s not all. White House correspondent Ed Henry does his daily reports outside before a constantly moving camera. It’s hard to focus on what Henry is saying because the screen is moving.

CNN is the latest news outlet to use movement as way to look different. Locally, stations have been toying with visuals for some time.

Watch local news and you’ll see anchors standing and walking across sets. You’ll also see correspondents in the field darting in and out of the picture.

It’s as if someone decided the way to keep people watching is to look busy. Forget the stories, movement will get those eyeballs.

Makes sense; CNN’s plunge in the ratings began when they decided to place visuals over truthful journalism. Perhaps these days, Rick Sanchez is as likely to say “one Advil, please” as “Ad lib, a tease.”