'The Streets Are On Fire:' May Day In Santa Cruz

Yesterday, we quoted the story by the San Jose Mercury News on the May Day protest turned violent in Santa Cruz; Ed Morrissey adds:

After months of warning that Tea Party protests would erupt into violence, a wave of vandalism and violence crested in Santa Cruz this weekend.  Masked protesters wielding torches swarmed through the business district, smashing windows and chanting “the streets are on fire!” and “Revolution!” It’s exactly the kind of armed uprising that Tea Party critics predicted … except that it didn’t erupt at a Tea Party.


Ed links to this video found by Jim Hoft of the rioters/protestors/rave party rejects; with their torchlights, they appear to have trucked in from a Universal monster movie from the 1930s:

[youtube zPqPjVJlhzE]

As Ed writes:

Let’s do a quick recap. Tea Parties have been held in various locations for well over a year, and none of them has turned violent at all. Arizona passes an immigration law a week ago, and already we’ve had one Leftist demonstration result in violence, calls for the overthrow of the US, and rioting.

Will the same hyperventilating media that sees a militia in every Tea Party make the same broad-stroke analysis of the open-borders Left after a real show of violence and demands for revolution? Don’t hold your breath.

Update: Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee says it wasn’t just Santa Cruz, either, but also Asheville, NC. The Boss Emeritus finds another in San Francisco. She also finds a Univision reporter participating in a protest he was covering. Will Univision suspend the reporter as KOTA did Shad Olson?


Elsewhere, a report from a New York May Day protest by prolific center-right Tweeter “Dahlhalla” ironically titled, “The Day I Accidentally Walked Through a Violent, Racist Tea-Bagger Protest and Escaped With My Life.”

Update: Video: “Santa Cruz Businesses Try to Rebound From Violent May Day Riot.”


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