Ed Driscoll

Well, He Truly Was A Giving President

Like Sting before him, U2’s Bono gushes for big government — in a way that’s infinitely ickier than Der Stingle on CNN last week. At Newsbusters, Noel Sheppard catches Bono’s encomium to the 42nd president:

On Thursday, Time magazine published a love letter from activist and musician Bono to former President Bill Clinton.”There are professors who pretend to be populists and populists who pretend to be professors,” the U2 lead-singer began his piece in the Heroes section of the 2010 Time 100 list.

“But there have never been a head and heart so perfectly matched as the pair within William Jefferson Clinton,” he continued.

What followed was even more sick-making (h/t NBer Rusty Weiss):

It’s an impossible equilibrium: wonky intellectual meets “Oh, hell” card player, oxygen and hydrogen. He defies the laws of physics as his daily exercise, but without him the universe just wouldn’t be as friendly to humans.

Without him the universe just wouldn’t be as friendly to humans?

That much sugar could send one into a diabetic coma.

Hey, I’m sure Monica, Paula, Gennifer, etc. can vouch for the former president’s particular friendliness to the distaff portion of the human race.

I would doubt very much that Henry Luce and the late Sid Vicious would have found much during their time on this mortal coil to agree upon. But somewhere, I hope they’re sharing some very big laughs — and very big glasses of scotch — over what’s become of their respective former institutions.